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Why Local Brands Always Insight Creativity

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Why Local Brands Always Insight Creativity

It’s important to take pride in your home and use what it has to offer as a catalyst for growth. Our favorite local spots reflect a piece of who we are and what we stand for, and it also never hurts to spotlight a local business. Join us in highlighting our favorite Cincy locales that we’d love to work with, and visit all the same.  

1. MadTree Brewing

The first on our list of Cincinnati’s local jewels is MadTree Brewing, a perfect concoction of relaxation and fun. Their earthy tones and aesthetic give their establishment and brand a certain coziness that isn’t captured anywhere else. We had multiple team members identify this as their favorite!

2. Fretboard Brewing

Another one of our favorite local breweries, Fretboard Brewing is a rustic dream right in our backyard. Always a courteous host to local musical talent, Fretboard’s passion and devotion to quality is what makes us gravitate towards them.  

3. Citybird

A local favorite, Citybird specializes in tasty and light feeling fried chicken sandwiches and tenders. With their sleek and sharp designs, Citybird walks the line between rustic and minimalist.

4. Dewey's Pizza

A Cincinnati mainstay, Dewey’s Pizza is a homespun looking pizza chain that since expanded well beyond its hometown. Dewey’s brand voice has that air of confidence our team has come to love so much while offering a simultaneously down-to-earth feel. 

5. Fab Ferments

Fab Ferments makes a splash on this list with its mix of explosive style, color, and spirituality. A brand that believes in keeping in touch with their roots, and embracing the simple things, Fab Ferments has a style all their own. That’s something that definitely speaks to us.  

6. Cincy Parks

A somewhat unconventional pick that some may not consider a “brand,” Cincy Parks makes an appearance on our list. Cincy Parks has a clear objective and their brand conveys that. They simply want more people visiting the various parks around our great hometown!  

7. Ghost Baby

One that struck a particular chord thanks to their elegant and effervescent style is Ghost Baby, a unique lounge often teeming with live music. Ghost Baby understands their identity as a refined establishment while also utilizing a tongue-in-cheek brand voice.  

8. Grippo’s

Moving into the snack space, we have Grippo’s, a brand that many baseball fans are assuredly familiar with! For over a hundred years, Grippo’s dominated the Cincinnati snack market. Their brand reflects that history, with an old-fashioned but tasteful style reminiscent of the years the brand was conceived.  

9. Skyline Chili

It was only a matter of time before Cincinnati’s famous chili chain joined our list, and we’re of course talking about Skyline Chili. An iconic Cincy brand for years, Skyline has created a powerhouse of a brand by leaning into their diner-like aesthetic and attributes. Their signature cuisine and wholesome brand voice contribute to their wild success. 

10. The Bagelry

It seems as though every big city has a famous bagel chain, and ours is The Bagelry. With their straightforward style and hometown feel, The Bagelry is a rising franchise to watch out for in Cincinnati. 

11. The Eagle

Another great restaurant, The Eagle flies onto our list because of its rustic American feel. With the classic cuisine you’d expect for a restaurant like The Eagle, they add an additional layer by maintaining a consistent brand look that ties it all together. 

12. Tire Discounters

Our final brand is another brand many might not associate with Cincinnati, and that’s Cincinnati-based Tire Discounters. With their sleek, NASCAR-like branding, Tire Discounters lets you know what they do before you read a single word on their site. That kind of consistent identity is exactly what makes a brand stick out to us.  


Cincinnati is clearly a melting pot of different brand voices and styles. Each brand covered here speaks to our team members not just because of their local ties, but because they are brands we have come to know and appreciate through our exposure to them.  

What This Means to You

W.Bradford takes pride in good design and branding, no matter where it comes from, but it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our backyard. It’s easy to look up at brands like P&G, but it’s equally as valuable to have a keen eye on the budding businesses around us.