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Diverse Backgrounds are the Foundation of Our Team

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The College Experience and Why It Matters to Us

The W.Bradford team comes from a diverse string of backgrounds, all with their own unique set of experiences and values. We recently spent time learning more about what makes each member of our team as invaluable as they are. 
In this article, you’ll discover the top 8 takeaways our team members had from their time in college, and how it now impacts their work in our agency.  

1. Put Relationships First

A sentiment echoed by a number of our team members, building valuable relationships is the cornerstone of what we as a marketing agency seek to do. Without a valuable and productive relationship with our clients, our business could never succeed. We’re happy to know what our team members learned that invaluable skill even before their time here! 

2. It May Take Multiple Tries to Succeed

A large part of success is the ability to go back and correct mistakes. Not only that but understanding why they happened and how to avoid them next time. It’s also helpful having a full team of supporters to check each other’s work and offer insight on how to make it better. That kind of teamwork ensures that though there may be mistakes in the beginning, there won’t be in the end.  

3. Good Design is Intentional

Our team members believe that sometimes, great ideas and designs take time to reach their fullest potential. With a careful and deliberate process, our work will always reach its peak over the time from idea to implementation. 

4. Know What Motivates Your Audience

Arguably one of the most important aspects of working in the marketing world, knowing one’s audience is key to truly put out meaningful work. Decisions that were made without careful consideration of the audience will never make it far, and the key to avoiding that is to place yourself in the shoes of your audience. Only by grasping what your audience wants, can you properly speak to them. 

5. Have Confidence in Your Decisions

Confidence in oneself is the precursor to great work, and our team agrees. We are confident in the work we deliver because of the success we had in the past. It invites a cycle of excellence where we do good work because we are confident, then because we did good work, we are able to continue the confidence.  

6. There is No “Set” Path to Success

Although sometimes in the marketing business, it may seem cyclical, it is always important to acknowledge that not every project demands the same process. Each client, project, and person is unique, so therefore, the solution must be equally as unique.  

7. Communication is Key to Success

Both internally and externally, communication is one of the most important aspects of this business. Clear and concise communication always leads to happier and healthier relationships, personally and professionally. Communication fosters understanding, and understanding is the foundation of our business.

8. Never Stop Learning

Finally, and arguably one of the most important, is the idea of constantly learning. Just because all of our full-time team members have left school behind, their capacity to learn is what stays with them. Maybe some of us forgot what we learned, but we will never forget HOW we learned it. 


What we studied and what we did in school does not necessarily define us, it’s how we learned to elicit the best possible work form ourselves. None of our team members discussed specific assignments or projects that changed their perspective, but experiences that elevated their way of thinking. 

What This Means to You

These values our team holds dear, help us to create and execute incredible work. Get in touch with us so that we can create something amazing together!