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Five Ways to Elevate Your Luxury Marketing | by Rachel Larkin, Creative Director

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Luxury Marketing is Highly Strategic

Marketing for luxury goods and fine jewelry requires smart strategy and an eye for aesthetics. Choosing lavish color schemes and classic styles can enhance the brand’s ability to communicate luxury to its target audience. Refine your luxury marketing efforts with these five tips.

Tip #1. Learn how to shoot diamonds and metals.

Because diamonds and metals have the unique ability to reflect light, learning how to photograph the materials can mean the difference between communicating a luxury good and the average retail knock-off. Try out these few tips at your next shoot:

  • For strong contrast, use darker background colors when capturing lighter-toned pieces.
  • Position any natural shadows in a way that emphasizes the luxury good as the focus.
  • Chose product positioning based on the product’s most striking characteristics.
  • Consider developing a scene around the piece based on its end use.
Tip #2. Master the perfect photo composition.

Yes, luxury goods are often sparkly, mesmerizing, and the focal point of a product image, but this doesn’t mean the rest of the photo composition should be neglected. Angles, focus, colors, background, foreground, and models should all be balanced to curate the perfect luxury marketing photography.

Tip #3. Create a compelling, provocative storyline for campaigns.

Product imagery can only go so far. At some point, the consumer desires to connect with how a luxury good makes them feel after purchase or wear. To tap into this emotional side of luxury marketing, you’ll want to convince the consumer they’ll benefit from owning the product with compelling and proactive storylines that tap into their desires.

Tip #4. Enable resellers and retail sales associates.

Consider how you might be able to integrate retail sales associates and resellers into the entire campaign. How will the in-store experience reflect the feelings you want the campaign to evoke in your consumers? In what ways will your online campaign mirror the actual purchasing experience for the consumer?

Tip #5. Show the products incorporated into the target consumer's lifestyle.

When consumers make purchases of luxury goods, they often do so to contribute to their overall lifestyle. Take advantage of this insight and highlight the end user’s luxury lifestyle within all campaign elements. Showcase their clothing, hairstyle, or career within the luxury marketing creative to add an additional layer of connectivity to the consumer.

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