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Benefits of HubSpot Marketing for New & Emerging Brands

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Get Organized and Intentional with HubSpot Marketing Tools

HubSpot’s integrated CRM platform makes skyrocketing your business easier than ever before. Its inbound marketing, sales, operations, and website tools bring unity and clarity to marketing strategy. Because the platform is becoming so critical to the success of new and emerging businesses, we’ve put together five ways HubSpot will benefit your brand.

#1. Dramatically Increase the Number of Marketing-Qualified Leads

Marketing-qualified leads unfortunately don’t fall out of thin air. Lucky for your brand, HubSpot marketing tools can accelerate leads to marketing-ready with ease. HubSpot benefits your team by making it easy to nurture and qualify leads automatically, weeding out some of your less qualified candidates. HubSpot also helps connect the dots between marketing and sales, expediting the time it takes to convert leads to customers. When both marketing and sales have access to leads, your team can circle back often to keep leads and definitions up to date.

#2. Systematically Engage Existing Leads Who Haven't Heard from Your Brand in a While

HubSpot’s powerful CRM knows which of your consumers are regularly engaged and which consumers might need a friendly reminder of your brand. With automation tools, customizable messaging, and traceable interactions, HubSpot marketing allows your business to reach existing leads at just the right time. 

#3. Create a True Omnichannel Experience vs. One-Off Communication

Your consumers are constantly getting bombarded with emails and other loud marketing messages. HubSpot’s marketing automation tools allow you to reach customers at pivotal points in the buyer’s journey across multiple channels and continually engage. By using the automation tools and workflows in Hubspot, your brand can take care of top priorities while leads continually interact with your business.

#4. Enable Lead Attribution, Demonstrating ROI for Marketing Efforts

Knowing where winning customers come from is crucial for the success of your business. Start putting your marketing dollars in the places that make the most sense for your business by using HubSpot’s lead management tools. HubSpot benefits your business by creating custom attribution reports that help demonstrate and improve ROI.

#5. Place Your Brand's Marketing Activities in a Best Practice Ecosystem

Keeping track of all your marketing strategies in a hodgepodge of spreadsheets can only go so far. By implementing and tracking all marketing activities under one roof, your business is automatically more organized, more focused, and more lucrative. HubSpot’s platform factors in hundreds of marketing best practices. This creates guardrails for your business and allows your entire team to be on the same page with the same goals.

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