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The Businesses That Our Team Has Learned From

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Why the Franchise Model Interests Us

As a marketing agency, it’s important for us to extend our scope beyond just the brands we are currently working with. Our team is aspirational, always hungry for more opportunities to flex their creative muscles, so we discussed which franchises they most enjoy (and would most enjoy working with).  

It’s vital for the team to spread their knowledge of various brands, and expose themselves to markets they weren’t familiar with before. So, here are the top 14 of the W.Bradford team’s favorite franchises! 

1. Jeni's Ice Cream

Headquartered just a short drive away in Columbus, Ohio, Jeni’s Ice Cream is known for their minimalist, but vibrant branding style. Their colorful brand lends an amazing backdrop to the real hero, the ice cream! They even mail their ice cream, so you can get a taste of one of W.Bradford’s favorite ice creams no matter where you are.

2. Handel's Ice Cream

Yet another ice cream brand founded in Ohio, this time in Youngstown! Founded in 1945, Handel’s Ice Cream has extended its reach all over the country to have stores in California, North Carolina, and more. They are known for their classic, stylish, and simplistic aesthetic, letting their ice cream speak for itself. Fun fact — one of our W.Bradford team members has a family member that is a Handel’s franchise owner! 

3. Graeter's Ice Cream

The team sure has a sweet tooth and we conclude our trio of ice cream brands with one local to our headquarters in Cincinnati. Perhaps one of the most well-known ice cream brands in the Midwest since 1870, Graeter’s thrives in their market with lively and colorful branding meant to appeal to a wide variety of palates.


Taking a quick sweets hiatus, next on our list is AVEDA, a 100% vegan cosmetic care company. AVEDA has a distinct style, with lovely linework and art covering each of their products, but not at all detracting from the actual quality. Their use of low-saturated hues and natural, earth tones complement their sustainability-first promises and products.  

5. Holtman's Donuts

A return to sweetness! Holtman’s Donuts is another local franchise that opened up in 1960, and is a family business through and through. With a more old-fashioned vibe, they bring a certain flair of authenticity to their business.

6. Craftd London

Craftd London is a sleek and stylish men’s jewelry brand, best known for their simplistic and elegant designs. Their mission is to strike the gap between quality jewelry and unnecessary markups, giving their customers the best of both worlds.  

7. Crunch Fitness

Next on our list is Crunch Fitness, a series of fitness clubs spread across the country. Crunch’s saturated and explosive brand injects their customers with a sense of energy and a drive to accomplish their goals. Always imparting their “crunchism” wisdom, they are a brand that truly knows who they are.

8. CycleBar

Continuing on the fitness trend, we have Cyclebar, a high-intensity cycling hub for those looking to burn some calories. Cyclebar has almost the opposite look as Crunch, taking advantage of dark colors with intense accents, but it still works for what their brand stands for. That drive and intensity to push through the hardest hills.  

9. Mosquito Joe

A bit of an unconventional entry, next we have Mosquito Joe, the brand that promises that “outside is fun again.” Mosquito Joe is a brand that knows its clientele wants, offering a streamlined way to solve any bug problem.  

10. Jersey Mike's

After the bug talk, it’s only natural we return to food talk. Next on our list of franchises is Jersey Mike’s Subs, a string of, you guessed it, sandwich restaurants. Known for their quality-first approach to food, Jersey Mike’s Subs has a consistent and effective brand. 

11. Raising Cane's Chicken Tenders

Even more food on the way! Raising Cane’s Chicken Tenders is next with its dynamic and energetic brand image. Raising Cane’s takes pride in the story of their owner and his history of establishing the franchise. They take ownership of the fact that they only sell chicken fingers, touting that they do it best.  

12. Oat Haus

Another food brand, Oat Haus enters the list with its stylish brand that harkens back to a similar vibe as Jeni’s Ice Cream. With monochromatic backgrounds and minimalist presentation, Oat Haus markets the unmistakable quality that their products offer. That, mixed with their whimsical typography shows that this brand knows who they are and the message they want to send to their customers.  

13. Wingstop

W.Bradford does seem to enjoy their food brands, and Wingstop’s blend of quippy humor and confidence make it the perfect match for us. With neat additions like their “wing calculator,” Wingstop is a brand that wears their belief in their product on their sleeve. Precisely the kind of brand we enjoy. 

14. East Fork

The final franchise brand on our list is a truly unique one, and that’s East Fork Pottery. East Fork again evokes that sort of minimalism that we saw with Jeni’s and Oat Haus, letting their products speak for themselves and showing that they have nothing to hide.  


It’s clear the taste and style of our team members differ when it comes to how they find value in a franchise brand. That’s the beauty of our team, in that each can find a brand interesting for vastly differing reasons.

What This Means to You

These are brands our team has taken a distinct interest in for one reason or another, and that means they are brands we would love to work with. Our team infuses passion into everything we do, but we are always looking to expand our reach into more of our passion projects. If you want to know what our dedication can do for you, give us a ring, we’ll be expecting you.