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Linear Campaign


Linear Campaign

Beyond Branding: Lighting Marketing to Elevate Linear

The Client: Beta-Calco

Beta-Calco has long been known for designing top-notch professional lighting that changes how spaces are illuminated. The manufacturer focuses on quality and craftsmanship, working alongside clients by developing innovative products that enable their most lofty design visions. The lighting company contacted branding and full-service digital marketing firm W.Bradford to reenergize its linear line.

The Task

Beta-Calco’s robust linear line includes over 20 products, and W.Bradford was tasked with tying each together under one campaign aesthetic and messaging strategy. With a distinct campaign look and feel that leveraged existing aspects of Beta-Calco’s branding—like its logo—in a new way, W.Bradford was able to light the path to greater profits.

The Campaign: Long. Live. Light.

Architects and interior designers work at the intersections of innovation, function, and art. The atmospheres they curate are built to inspire and perform. That’s why W.Bradford chose to emphasize the luxury and functionality of Beta-Calco’s linear line throughout the campaign.

The visuals celebrated the visionaries of the industry who employ raw elements to design captivating spaces. Exotic woods, beautiful stone, and rich textiles are manipulated to create luxury, so why should light be any different? Light is among life’s most picturesque elements—enlivened through the power of Beta-Calco’s advanced linear technology and forward-thinking design.

The Results: A Lighting Brand Reborn

The campaign’s results were outstanding, with nearly 18,000 impressions on social and 500 total clicks from email marketing leading to over $6M of new quotes in the span of only three months. Beta-Calco can be certain that its audience engaged positively with the product content. Video views reached nearly 800 on Instagram alone, drawing reposts from industry leaders like agents and showcasing the luxurious vibe customers now associate with these products.


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