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Inovae MedSpa Marketing & Branding

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Inovae MedSpa Marketing & Branding

Brand Foundations and Background

The Client: Inovae

Skincare expert Chris Panzica long dreamed of creating the ultimate precision skin wellness center. Focused on his customers’ well-being, Chris believes that skincare shouldn’t be complicated. Every person’s skin has a unique story, and Inovae honors and elevates its customers on that individual basis. Chris sought to capture the high-income audience in Brentwood, Tennessee, by offering something that was modern yet elegant. W.Bradford supported the lofty vision put forth by Chris, a comprehensive branding solution. In this process, W.Bradford embodied Chris’ desire to be a patient’s “high-end best friend.”

The Task

Developing a Scalable Brand Platform

Inovae’s insistence on providing precise, results-driven services with the utmost care meant its branding had to be boldly ambitious without losing its smooth, cultured feel. To that end, W.Bradford’s design team selected a midcentury typeface that communicated the lavish, chic brand identity to consumers. Clean lines throughout the brand’s visual identity added an air of professionalism that balanced the sophisticated typography and elements like it. Similarly, W.Bradford crafted Inovae’s logo, a simple yet striking design that paralleled the balance found in other aspects of the brand. Ultimately, W.Bradford transformed the medspa into a high-class setting using branding, digital marketing, web services, and strategic consulting.

Design Inspiration and Direction

Friendly, Esteemed, and Sophisticated

Communicating Inovae’s dual message, while challenging, proved a routine task for W.Bradford. Our brand designers knew that Inovae’s friendly, familiar features needed to be balanced against its high-end, premium nature. Using earth tones with wood and stone accents, W.Bradford developed a comforting visual identity to welcome customers to the medspa. Geometric shapes contrasted the earthy aspects to evoke a sense of structure within the brand. Pushing the aesthetic further, W.Bradford’s bold designers incorporated old-world metals along with gold and brass to complete a restrained luxury feel. The symmetry achieved through the combination of these various design elements has created a uniquely worthwhile experience for the high-income clientele found in Brentwood. Now, the vision created by Chris has taken on a tangible form in Inovae.

Nurturing Brand Awareness with Promotional Materials

An Extensive Marketing Approach

As usual, W.Bradford provided a plethora of promotional materials to our client. In addition to a branded website with a professional feel and high-powered performance, the team designed everything from pens and stationery to shirts and bags — all with a consistently brilliant aesthetic. Our team even created water bottles and packaging for Inovae skincare products to be sold onsite. Creating brand collateral to support Inovae allowed W.Bradford to give unprecedented depth to the medspa’s identity.

Inovae is one of many examples where W.Bradford helped a client envision something far more expansive than they previously imagined possible.

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