Case Study

Product Video with Passion

LEM Products is a leader in the meat processing equipment market. W.Bradford’s product videography and lifestyle content helped enhance its game.
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The Client

LEM Produts

LEM Products is a leader in the meat and game processing equipment market, serving a plethora of different users and uses. LEM’s meat processors are not simply products; they are tools for writing generational stories. Natural food is all about moving forward together as a family while honoring what’s been left behind.

W.Bradford’s product sizzle videos and story-focused brand videos, alongside other tactics like bespoke illustrations, brought the LEM Products brand to life in a way consumers had never seen before.

The Task

Brand Stories Brought to Life

LEM Products came to W.Bradford with a firm understanding of what they value but a need to portray these values in a compelling and authentic way. Weaving LEM’s rich tapestry of stories into a compelling narrative for hunters and households alike, W.Bradford approached the task with an editorial focus on product and brand video content, telling a cohesive, emotional story across all of LEM Products’ channels.

The Tactics

Product Video & Lifestyle Content

W.Bradford flew in one of the nation’s top videographers, Carlos de Varona, for product video and brand storytelling video work over the course of three shoot days. From leaning into the high-octane ethos of the Big Bite Grinder, to featuring real hunters speaking about the emotional impact of meat processing with their fathers and sons—the team put forth the most authentic marketing campaign LEM’s customers have ever seen.  

custom Illustrations

The Results

More Meaningful Connections

LEM Products has always held deeper meaning for its most loyal brand advocates, but successful marketing means sharing that message with a broader audience. Thanks to the creative excellence of W.Bradford—alongside the trusted expertise of de Varona—LEM’s memorable message is one step closer to being household knowledge for any hunting family.
LEM Case Study
LEM Case Study
LEM Case Study
LEM Case Study
LEM Case Study
LEM Case Study

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