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Rebrand & Trade Show Booth


Rebrand & Trade Show Booth

A Stronger Brand Position for a Lighting Industry Leader

The Client: Lumenwerx

When Montreal-based Lumenwerx, a highly innovative and fast-growing architectural lighting manufacturer, engaged W.Bradford to enhance the company’s creative bandwidth, we immediately said yes. Lumenwerx is a market leader in various architectural lighting product categories, as well as in production and manufacturing capabilities.

The Task

Preparing for a Head-Turning Reveal at LEDucation

The new Lumenwerx branding and trade show booth would be prepared in time for the industry’s largest trade show, LEDucation, in New York City. The goal was to create a brand platform that captures the spirit of the minimalist, modern aesthetic of the company’s products, while also projecting the fun, clever persona of the company’s team culture.

A Brand to Reflect Industry Leadership

Lumenwerx: Welcome to The Future of Lighting

The company is a lighting “think tank” of sorts, pushing the limits of the most anticipated trends in lighting, while also setting some of the company’s own. The visual elements of the brand include nods to the company’s eye to the future, its highly capable leaders in design and technology, and the simplicity and ease of fulfilling projects with Lumenwerx lighting solutions.

The Results

A Pillar of Innovation in a Sea of Sameness

Lumenwerx is a company that could be described with many covetable descriptors — innovative, personable, interesting, fun, and desired. W.Bradford sought a direction to wield these and other advantages the company solidly owns. In the branding and trade show booth, the brand platform emerged with a striking nod to the company’s minimalist design philosophy as well as the forward-leaning spirit of the Lumenwerx team.

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