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Bar Rebrand

Oddfellows Liquor Bar

Bar Rebrand

Brand Refresh and Creative Campaigns

The Client: Oddfellows Liquor Bar

Oddfellows Liquor Bar is an everyday celebration of the odd: people, places, things, ideas, and drinks. Its Cincinnati location is where people of all stripes can let their freak flags fly. Oddfellows needed a marketing partner to bring a vivid zing to its presence in Over the Rhine. W.Bradford provided a subtle brand refresh to invigorate Oddfellows without wasting any of its previously-established brand equity. After the refresh, our team built out an all-encompassing creative strategy to propel the liquor bar into its newly-earned, bohemian status.

The Task

Elevating Oddfellows with Strategy and Creative

Oddfellows needed to formalize its marketing efforts to step forward into a new dimension of success. This push began with the basics, as W.Bradford conducted robust research on the target market and competitive landscape. Our strategists developed four data-based consumer personas to offer Oddfellows a precise target for its marketing. Competitor research revealed weaknesses in other bars’ approaches, such as poor social media engagement, a weak brand experience, and a total lack of brand personality. W.Bradford found opportunities to exploit these weaknesses, establishing a thriving social media presence and emboldening the Oddfellows brand personality using strategy and creative content.

Reintroducing the Oddfellows Brand

Following a Bold Process

W.Bradford’s design team recognized the immense value in Oddfellows’ existing brand. The team recommended precise updates to the brand’s visual identity, dignifying its best elements while adding exciting, zany facets of our own. This identity was carried through cohesive menus and onsite sales collateral, building better brand cohesion than previously seen. Retro illustrations and a classic style refreshed Oddfellows’ assets, pushing the brand towards the unique space it occupies today.

W.Bradford’s talented writers and brand strategists developed a refreshed voice to accompany the new assets. Following the brand refresh, Oddfellows has employed a sarcastic, cheeky, and textured tone in its external communication. Coming off slightly odd, the brand denotes its weirdness wherever possible. Short copy delights its audience with backhanded comments, anti jokes, and mature (21+) innuendos.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

A Freak-Forward Approach

A brand is only as potent as the creative that supports it. W.Bradford strategized and executed numerous creative campaigns to give the Oddfellows brand the required backing. Our team recommended various initiatives—ranging from temporary tattoo night to a Kama Sutra seminar—to push boundaries as part of fresh quarterly campaigns. Edgy content and odd topics drew attention. W.Bradford used social media to encourage selfie-taking in the bar, promote special events like game nights, and advertise delicious pizza-and-booze pairings in tandem with Mikey’s Late Night Slice, a partner of Oddfellows Liquor Bar. Aspiring to provide the most complete marketing support possible, our team even created a custom PR guide to help Oddfellows respond effectively to customers online.

W.Bradford knows that brands succeed when they embrace what makes them fundamentally distinctive. Let us help you communicate as no other agency can.

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