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Making a Medspa a Botanical Paradise

Whisper Wood Branding

Making a Medspa a Botanical Paradise

Brand Foundations and Background

The Client: The Client: Whisper Wood

A Place to Float provides refreshing and relaxing float therapy to its clientele in Indianapolis, Indiana. Float therapy is a scientifically-backed treatment that involves lying in a saltwater solution devoid of external stimulation. After visiting a Place to Float, patients experience benefits like stress reduction, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and reduced chronic pain. W.Bradford created an exquisite brand identity for A Place to Float, centered on the experience of flotation itself. By providing a visual brand identity, spa marketing and branding strategy, W.Bradford elegantly helped A Place to Float become a comprehensively differentiated brand.

The Task

Developing a Scalable Brand Platform

W.Bradford constructed a comprehensive brand identity that elevated and refined the luxury medspa’s message. Whether you seek a quick fix that gives you a beautiful glow, or a series of treatments to dramatically improve your skin or body’s appearance and texture, Whisper Wood has something for you! After learning the most important aspects of Whisper Wood’s business proposition, we generated full imagery that brought these ideas to the forefront of consumers’ minds. W.Bradford’s end-to-end services helped Whisper Wood develop consistent brand guidelines to be used in its website design, social media presence, and on-site collateral and service approach.

Design Inspiration and Direction

A Journey Through the Woods

Whisper Wood draws consumers into an immersive experience that sees them leave the facility entirely different from when they entered it. The brand’s spirit is therefore whimsical and elevated, like that of a fairy pirouetting through the rustic, wooded paths that are the medspa’s hallways. 

W.Bradford created Whisper Wood, a brand inspired by elements of nature found within a magical and mysterious woodland setting. Our design team heavily emphasized soft greens with rich hues reminiscent of deep wood tones and animal furs in its visuals, with reflective metals contrasting against a moss accent wall to remind onlookers of a striking stream glinting in the morning sunlight. In creating this uniquely exquisite, botanical identity, W.Bradford helped Whisper Wood communicate an aspirational brand vision that its clients and prospects could not resist.

Supporting the Brand with Marketing Fundamentals

From Identity Development to Execution

After developing Whisper Wood’s brand identity in an exotic yet polished manner, W.Bradford set out to construct and execute a smart marketing strategy. Starting with a website, our designers began to give life to the natural, modern, and rustic elements of the brand. Elevating the medspa’s profile even further, W.Bradford created a dynamic and intentional aesthetic for their social media profiles. Finally, to add a touch of flair, the team crafted a large collection of branded swag items to be used and sold in the medspa itself.

Brands like Whisper Wood represent just one application of our elegant and professional services.

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