Business Challenges & Objectives

Amedicanna engaged W. BRADFORD to help operationalize its online brand presence, as well as bring its products to life for consumers with original product photography. We quickly believed that the brand’s premium cannabis solutions, along with accessories and lifestyle products that convey a distinctive, high-end brand image compared to other cannabis brands, would present major opportunities for success in the booming cannabis and CBD market.

W. BRADFORD then embarked on a process of imagining how Amedicanna’s high-quality, beautifully designed products could be presented to customers for the first time.

Product Photography

W. BRADFORD blended its understanding of branding and business trends in the cannabis industry to produce a portfolio of stunning product photography for Amedicanna. From closeup product shots to environmental photography to help convey the brand’s vibrant offerings, we delivered assets that helped populate Amedicanna’s marketing channels both online and on the shelf.

Capitalizing on the Booming Cannabis Industry

Amedicanna is positioned to take full advantage of the higher-end cannabis consumer with its elegant mix of products. As the industry grows and diversifies, the assets W. BRADFORD produced will serve the brand well as it maintains its leading position among other luxury cannabis providers.

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W. BRADFORD is a global marketing collective that employs a truly remote-working branding, digital and content creation team. Working with brands, agencies and global partners, we elevate brands through sophisticated branding, content marketing, video, social media and website management strategies – helping positively impact business metrics.

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