Business Challenges & Objectives

With a legacy spanning centuries, the Crabbie’s brand boasts a rich history and spirit beloved by customers old and new. An early fascination with the world’s finest ginger and exotic spices has stood the test of time and inspires the refreshing Crabbie’s flavor enjoyed by millions today. The brand’s authentic affinity for quality ingredients, the environment and philanthropy resonates among today’s young leaders and innovators, all while establishing Crabbie’s as an extraordinary force in the alcoholic beverage market.

As Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer began distribution in North American and Latin American markets, the internationally beloved brand would now need to deliver its powerful ginger kick to new and competitive markets in the Americas.

The W. BRADFORD team committed to the following important objectives for bringing the Crabbie’s brand to life on social media:

1 | Demonstrate how target audiences can enjoy Crabbie’s while doing what they love, whether hiking across mountains or trying new foods.
2 | Incorporate Latin American-inspired content to generate awareness and trust with Spanish-speaking audiences in the U.S. and beyond.
3 | Consistently convey the Crabbie’s brand’s core values, such as philanthropy and a dedication to quality ingredients.
4 | Encourage audiences to search for Crabbie’s at their favorite liquor and/or grocery stores so they can make their own cocktails at home.

North American & LATAM Market Content Strategy

Crabbie’s crafts its signature alcoholic ginger beer with only the finest natural ingredients. Inspired by nature, Crabbie’s also devotes resources to protecting the planet it calls home. These universally appealing points led to a content strategy intent on bringing people of any culture together—around a round (or three) of delicious ginger beer, whether on its own or as part of a boozed-up version of a Moscow Mule.

Product Photography

How do you pack the full-bodied kick of ginger into an Instagram feed? The W. BRADFORD team immersed itself in the warm yet playful brand to imagine the perfect visuals for Crabbie’s. Through thoughtful props, lifestyle environments and clever art direction, W. BRADFORD brought Crabbie’s to life one fun shutter of the camera at a time.

Bilingual Content Creation

W. BRADFORD tasked its well-studied bilingual copywriters to create captions for North American and Latin American posts, delivering zesty copy you can almost taste.

Social Media

With creative assets and copy prepared to resonate with both of the target markets, W. BRADFORD distributed the content and engaged with users to tell the Crabbie’s story in a manner that elevated the brand, while still remaining true to the spirit of Crabbie’s known around the globe.

A Tall Glass of Client Satisfaction

What’s better than a perfectly crafted, extra-boozy Moscow Mule? A satisfied client. The Crabbie’s corporate team delighted in the W. BRADFORD approach to conveying the delicious flavors and fun personality of the brand to the Americas—aligned cohesively with the company’s larger marketing efforts for Crabbie’s.

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