Business Challenges & Objectives

L’Oréal ‘On The Go’ is a mobile learning app to improve accessibility, engage and attract beauty advisors and reach a more diversified audience than the legendary brand’s previous channels allowed. L’Oréal was eager to provide the new resource to beauty advisors through a series of marketing campaign communications, with relatable and actionable content.

Custom Illustration: Creating ‘Sofia’

L’Oréal tasked W. BRADFORD with illustrating the ideal ‘On the Go’ ambassador—who would need to embody a chic, pleasant, fun, savvy beauty advisor in her 30s or 40s. The character would need to boast a sleek cosmopolitan fashion sense identifiable in U.S. markets, helping to maximize audience relatable. The result? Meet Sofia.

L’Oréal ‘On the Go’ App Graphics

The initial graphics to be used throughout the app were the commercially featured the cosmetics models and glamorous product photography familiar to consumers, but L’Oréal sought to stand out from competitors through the new app. We reimagined the way the primary screens in the app should present to intended users, while also conveying the unique selling proposition for the app and L’Oréal products, tap by tap.

Promotional Tools & Graphics

L’Oréal’s impressive commitment to beauty advisors led to a need for promotional tools and graphics to provide Sofia with a worthy grand reveal. W. BRADFORD designed a PowerPoint presentation, e-blast template, postcards, VIP gift box and other elements to make the app’s benefits tangible for the company’s most engaged sales advocates.

Promotional Video

W. BRADFORD also collaborated with L’Oréal Travel Retail Americas to produce an animated video to mimic a text conversation between Sofia and the ideal beauty advisor, again with the intent of making the app’s benefits easy to understand.

An Aspirational New Personality for L’Oréal Beauty Advisors

Through a partnership with W. BRADFORD, L’Oréal found a new ally in Sofia, along with new and more personalized methods of reaching the cosmetic brand’s most powerful sales advocates in their Travel Retail division. 

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