Business Challenges & Objectives

W. BRADFORD had the honor of supporting The Postcard Agency in helping reimagine the sponsorship website and other important digital sales and promotion tools for PBS National Sales. The deliverables would intend to benefit PBS, the iconic public media brand known for bringing programming such as Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street into homes for decades. Now, W. BRADFORD would be able to have a direct impact on the national organization’s future efforts to secure sponsorship funding to continue producing educational, inspiring programming.

The overall goals for the project were to more prominently convey the powerful storytelling and visuals of PBS programs to prospective sponsors considering supporting the organization—while taking the opportunity to present the information in a more stylish, exciting manner.

Website Redesign

To achieve the client’s objectives, W. BRADFORD first sought to develop a treatment to allow multiple program genres to be seen at one time, since prospective sponsors viewing the website generally desire to align their brands with specific programs. W. BRADFORD started with the concept of a geometric pattern with the brand’s various shades of blue, to first used as a color-block treatment. We then proved the scalability of the concept by utilizing areas within the pattern for to showcase glimpses of programming, audience persona photography and textures.

The pattern and its scalable applications inspired the rest of the website, creating a familiar accent seen throughout every page to showcase imagery and cleanly organize important SEO-optimized website copy developed by The Postcard Agency.

The project enabled all parties, including PBS and PBS National Sales, to experience the sentiment and positive impact of PBS programming in new ways—packaged in an attractive framework that drives the user toward the organization’s desired points of action.

Website Launch Promotions

At the time of launch, the website’s homepage hero text presented a powerful statement: Stories Start Here. The Postcard Agency invited W. BRADFORD to develop creative and digital elements central to the campaign to invite target users to experience those stories, now housed within a sleek website design.

W. BRADFORD designed digital banner ads, produced a data-driven video touting sponsorship benefits, and created animated GIFs for promoting the website on the brand’s social media channels.

W. BRADFORD also created and developed an animated email template, which has since been reused to drive stunningly increased numbers of leads to the website.

Sales Presentation Redesign

As a separate component of the PBS National Sales approach to reaching customers, W. BRADFORD supported The Postcard Agency with the redesign of the organization’s sales presentation deck.

A More Beautiful Day in the PBS Digital Neighborhood

Through its strong and collaborative partnership with The Postcard Agency, W. BRADFORD developed an award-winning sponsorship website for PBS National Sales, along with elements already proving able to dramatically increase digital lead generation initiatives. W. BRADFORD is honored to have partnered with The Postcard Agency to enhance the way the best television brand storytellers tell their own.

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