Business Challenges & Objectives

As a long-established and beloved brand in the spa and beauty industry worldwide, Sothys is considered to be a legendary name that represents a proven commitment to developing products that seamlessly integrate into customers’ skincare and spa needs. The company has also consistently stood out for its extraordinary passion for research and innovation for more than 70 years. 

Represented in over 15,000 spas across the world in 120 countries, Sothys trusted W. BRADFORD to represent the North American division of the company through its social media, event and trade show experience design and digital advertising initiatives.

Social Media

Sothys USA engaged W. BRADFORD to capture and elevate its globally recognized brand for its United States customers and distributors. W. BRADFORD was responsible creating custom graphics and illustrations, as well as inspiring and educational captions to drive online engagement and generate leads. The program also included product- and season-driven campaigns to coincide with industry events, Sothys product launches and corporate philanthropic endeavors. The creative and content W. BRADFORD developed continue to be reposted throughout the Sothys social media community—with reposts as far as Russia and New Zealand.

Tradeshow Booth Design

Following the impressive traction with the Sothys social media accounts, the company asked W. BRADFORD to further assist customer engagement with the custom design of a Sothys tradeshow booth featuring its newly launched Detox Energie Line. In addition, W. BRADFORD produced other tradeshow elements to facilitate the company’s product seminars, such as retractable banners and product brochures.

Digital Advertising

To complement ongoing social media efforts, W. BRADFORD paired calculated digital advertising design and promotional messaging to drive audiences to inquire about the brand or product distribution.

Timeless Beauty, Expanded Success

Under our care, the brand increased online engagement month over month without fail. W. BRADFORD more than proved its ability to elegantly and seamlessly bridge a timeless French spa and beauty brand with geographic reach not only in the U.S. market, but around the globe. 

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W. BRADFORD is a global marketing collective that employs a truly remote-working branding, digital and content creation team. Working with brands, agencies and global partners, we elevate brands through sophisticated branding, content marketing, video, social media and website management strategies – helping positively impact business metrics.

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