Business Challenges & Objectives

Prior to engaging W. BRADFORD, Unit 1 Gear had already proven its product’s potential to transform the listening experience for snow enthusiasts. No longer were clumsy, uncomfortable combinations of headphones and helmets required; superior audio quality could instead integrate seamlessly into Unit 1 Gear’s new helmet solution.

Communicating the value of a new audio solution in the saturated U.S. audio market can be a difficult challenge. W. BRADFORD would endeavor to create product and lifestyle content to maintain the product’s existing momentum, while also generating messaging and online engagement to expand the brand’s passionate and loyal audience.

Social Media

The W. BRADFORD team had to quickly learn the special vernacular used on the slopes. For example, did you know snow is called pow (short for powder) by skiers and snowboarders? To prepare the product’s launch campaign for social media, W. BRADFORD would also utilize Unit 1’s vast library of epically captured shots of the product in action in some of the most beautiful skiing locations in the world. The resulting combination would yield content that drove traffic and sales through both organic and paid initiatives.

Email Marketing

E-commerce and email marketing go hand in hand. Through a series of promotions, pre-order countdowns and event invitations, W. BRADFORD created sleek emails to distribute to the Unit 1’s thousands of dedicated followers and customers—leading to sales and additional product inquiries.

Digital Advertising

Alongside social media and email marketing, W. BRADFORD’s digital advertising program for Unit 1 would utilize the Google display network to serve banner ads to users around the globe. Discount and FOMO strategies for the ad campaign’s messaging yielded valuable learnings related to how the brand and product would need to be positioned to drive the maximum amount of leads—many of whom converted to customer purchases.

Ready for the Slopes

Unit 1 continues its innovation in audio and safety products for snow enthusiasts, led by both its intensely passionate audience and its incredibly authentic, committed founders. W. BRADFORD is proud to have partnered with Unit 1 to help expand the brand’s audience and move the company’s vision forward to generate learnings for how to best reach new customers with an innovative, award-winning product.

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