Business Challenges & Objectives

True explorers savor the smooth taste and daring nature of Whitley-Neill Gin. Eight generations of gin distilling expertise culminate in a legendary beverage with pioneering, forward-thinking spirit. Extraordinary yet versatile botanical blends, such as Rhubarb & Ginger Gin and Parma Violet Gin, give world travelers the opportunity to elevate their daily experiences anytime, anywhere.

As Whitley-Neill sought to expand its presence to North American and Latin American markets, the brand would need to express its unique flavors, bold legacy and penchant for adventure—to resonate with even the most discerning of movers and shakers.

The W. BRADFORD team committed to the following important objectives for bringing the Whitley Neill brand to life on social media:

1 | Foster product advocates and encourage conversations by creating a strong sense of community.
2 | Grow follower count by sharing unique, relevant content paired with smart, engaging copy.
3 | Feature content resonating with Latin American and Spanish-speaking audiences to expand the brand’s cultural and geographical footprint.
4 | Position Whitley-Neill Gin as a leading brand in bars nationwide, thus increasing the rate of product recognition in bar settings.

U.S. Market Content Strategy

With its growing global popularity, gin promises endless opportunities for content exploration for every geographic locale. The Whitley Neill Gin brand story finds its very origins in travel and exotic botanicals, lending interesting ideas to the content strategy for both North American and Latin American markets. With consideration of nation-specific holidays, culturally diverse gin cocktail recipes and rebroadcasting of user-generated content, the Whitley Neill Gin personality found its natural position within an approach to written and visual content poised for resonance with vibrant target consumers.

Product Photography

How do you honorably manifest visual assets for a beverage brand so rich with heritage, yet so exotic with its interesting botanicals? The W. BRADFORD team applied a masterful understanding of the brand to procure elegant props, backgrounds and photography styling methods to produce entirely original assets for Whitley Neill Gin.

Bilingual Content Creation

Google Translate, while helpful during pedestrian excursions, has no place in developing authentic and appropriate translations from culture to culture. W. BRADFORD utilized its expert bilingual copywriters to create captions for North American and Latin American social posts that could be called clever in any language.

Social Media

Whitley Neill Gin would require social content and community management strategies deserving of every savvy gin drinker’s attention. W. BRADFORD used market insights and the brand’s established narrative to inspire content through the gin’s botanical blends, cultural nuances, eclectic cocktail recipes and the gin experiences of Whitley Neill Gin consumers from around the globe.

Expanding the Whitley Neill Story

Translating an elevated United Kingdom gin brand to the North American and Latin American markets would be no small feat for any marketing strategist or creative. But, the W. BRADFORD team’s exception levels of taste and thoughtfulness in both written and visual manifestations of a brand built the strong foundation and direction Whitley Neill Gin would need for long-term success among its diverse audiences in the Americas.

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