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Architecture and Lighting Marketing Specialists

The architecture and lighting industries embrace innovation, which means they’re changing and evolving every day. Staying on top of design trends and technological developments can be tough, but conveying these developments — and their benefits to end users — can be even tougher. That’s why you need to work with architecture and lighting marketing experts who understand your industry, services, products, and customers.

We Support Architects, Lighting Manufacturers, and Lighting Designers

Color tuning, IoT, lighting controls, color rendering, and germicidal ultraviolet lighting are just a few conversations we have sparked and facilitated for lighting manufacturers, lighting designers, showrooms, architects, and LED manufacturers. As a result, our clients have asserted their leadership in the industry, positioning them for success and greatness.

Our Team Consists of Architecture and Lighting Subject Matter Experts

Our team knows the architecture and lighting industries inside and out. We’ve worked closely with established and emerging architecture, lighting design, and LED manufacturing brands for several years, enabling us to become subject matter experts in all things lighting and architecture. With this knowledge, we go beyond canned marketing and PR campaign ideas to tell the stories behind your work, people, and technological achievements. From explaining TM-30 to imparting the importance of Title 24, we have the skills to convey your mastery of architecture and light in clever, creative ways your audiences will appreciate.

Architecture and Lighting Marketing Services

W.Bradford is uniquely positioned to plan and execute the following strategies for architecture, lighting design, and LED manufacturing brands like yours. Architecture and lighting marketing services include:

  • Product launches and technological developments
  • Lighting design and architecture project features
  • Product and company branding
  • Community building and storytelling
  • Partnerships with architects, interior designers, and influencers

Take Your Architecture or Lighting Marketing Plans to the Next Level

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