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Strategy, Planning, and Customer Relationship Marketing


Most businesses and nonprofits seek marketing and PR agencies that work with them, not for them. We work closely with our clients to develop custom strategies and campaigns that support their short-term and long-term goals. For example, our customer relationship marketing plans enable our clients to attract new customers, cross-sell their products and services, and build brand loyalty. Learn how we support our clients with our hands-on strategy, planning, and consulting services below.

Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Relationship Marketing

Did you know that 84% of consumers feel that being treated like a human rather than a number is crucial to winning their business? Developing and implementing thoughtful customer journey maps can help you deliver superior customer experiences across marketing channels at key touch points. We work with you to develop customer journey maps and implementation strategies so you can deliver customer relationship marketing campaigns that yield results.

Audience Targeting Strategies

When you understand your customers, you can launch marketing and PR campaigns that make an impact. Our customer relationship marketing team learns everything they can about your audience after interviewing you and key stakeholders, as well as performing in-depth audience research. With this information, we assemble research-driven audience targeting strategies to help you get your message across to people who matter to your business.


Are you looking for a marketing and PR partner who can help you revamp your processes and operations? Or, maybe you need assistance redefining your business and brand identity. Our expert team of consultants is ready to help you level up and take care of your business or nonprofit — whether you need a committed fractional CMO or consultant by the hour.