Case Study

CRM Setup and Related Agency Marketing Support

ACTvantage is the leader in helping distributors drive profitable growth using analytics. W.Bradford is the agency that built the foundations of their CRM.

The Client


ACTvantage is the leader in helping distributors drive profitable growth using analytics. With tools, consultations, and training in inventory, pricing, customer retention, and purchasing, ACTvantage improves distributors’ bottom lines, simply put.

In reality, the ACTvantage offering is a highly complex set of proprietary technologies that can be tough to communicate to prospects. W.Bradford’s setup of the client’s HubSpot CRM instance and development of strategic communications has afforded ACTvantage more agency in its marketing operations.

The Task

From COmplicated to Clever

ACTvantage is a business built on highly-technical software and deep supply chain insights. The brand needed an agency that could set up its CRM and build a digestible, strategic, persona-focused set of touches to engage prospects and fill the sales pipeline. Communicating this value proposition to consumers proved to be yet another marketing challenge that W.Bradford is naturally equipped to overcome.

The Tactics

Integrated Marketing Approach

W.Bradford began by refreshing ACTvantage’s visual brand identity and brand messaging guidelines, stratifying audiences into neat personas, allowing analysis and optimization of content for each group through their new HubSpot account –– a CRM instance built by the agency. With a redesigned website, animations, e-blasts, and LinkedIn posts, W.Bradford made thorough use of the new brand and technology available.

The Results

A CRM Agency Takes Flight

After establishing the HubSpot instance, W.Bradford deployed the aforementioned content to drive traffic to sales webinars, optimizing content production based on the data available in the platform. If you need a certified HubSpot partner agency to create your CRM instance and help your marketing program lift off, call W.Bradford.

Your writing is top-notch — readable and engaging. And the design vision and execution are far superior to what we’ve produced on our own in the past.

Brent Johnstone, Managing Director & Co-Founder

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