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Jewelry Branding Transformation

Capturing the Meaning of Love for the Modern Couple

Jewelry Branding Transformation

Capturing the Meaning of Love for the Modern Couple

The Client: Charles and Colvard

Charles and Colvard is a fine jewelry brand for conscious consumers who want their jewelry to be as ethical as it is exquisite. Each one of the brand’s fine jewelry pieces are made, rather than mined. In a jewelry industry where intentions are not always transparent, Charles and Colvard remains committed to redefining “real” jewelry by emphasizing the story of where their jewelry comes from.


The Task

Branding Fine Jewelry with a Conscience

The sustainable and forward-thinking brand came to W.Bradford with the need for a brilliant brand refresh and strong brand-level photography guidelines in order to capture the meaning of love for the modern couple. Showcasing the story of the jewelry’s recycled precious metals and the values of conscious consumers would be an essential part of the new jewelry branding.

The Campaign

Conscious Jewelry Calls for Conscious Strategy

To visually articulate the love, trust, and consciousness of the brand, our team of marketing professionals at W.Bradford got right to work.

This new jewelry branding began with a creative competitive analysis to capitalize on industry trends and really get to know the conscious consumer. The couples who stand by Charles and Colvard do not support the environmental and humanitarian conflicts that mined diamonds have traditionally caused for decades. Modern couples seek a jewelry business that provides ethical diamonds and supports their morals in life—and in love.

With this important information in mind, W.Bradford created a completely evolved brand asset gallery to leverage Charles and Colvard’s conflict-free fine jewelry experience and resonate with the conscious couple. This included refreshed typefaces, color systems, a one-page style guide, and restyled brand guide with new graphics. Charles and Colvard’s branding was propelled even further with W.Bradford’s creative direction and standards for product, model, and lifestyle photography efforts.

The Results

Becoming A True Diamond in the Rough

Thanks to our team of creatives, the new jewelry branding redefined what it means to wear “real” jewelry as a modern couple. W.Bradford’s rebrand fully captured exquisite fine jewelry making in an ethical and responsible way. Through our signature branding services, along with new brand-level photography guidelines — W.Bradford helped Charles and Colvard capture what love means to the modern couple.

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