Case Study

Welcome to the Future of Gaming

Dubbz is positioning video games as the bridge between traditional gaming and the future, web3. W.Bradford helped ensure marketing excellence at launch and beyond.

The Client

Dubbz, The Alternate to P2E

Dubbz is changing the game as the bridge between traditional gaming and the future: web3. With a complex yet highly robust platform that allows users to socialize and wager cryptocurrency on AAA games like Madden, FIFA, Fortnite, League, and more, Dubbz is already taking the market by storm.

W.Bradford built a strong brand identity and integrated a marketing launch campaign for the video game platform — ultimately preparing Dubbz to face its final boss, the open market.
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The Task

Penetrating the Multiplayer Video Game Market

In the multiplayer video game market, early adoption is everything. If platforms don’t achieve a critical mass of users in the early stages, players looking for lobbies will face long wait times, leave, and never return. Dubbz needed an explosive launch campaign backed by a strong, authentic brand in order to achieve this. Without it, they would have fizzled and failed.

The Tactics

Integrated Campaign Work

W.Bradford helped Dubbz develop its go-to-market strategy, positioning the brand as the crypto-gaming platform that best bridges traditional video games with the transparency and security of blockchain technology.

User personas included high-level strategic overviews, demographic data, psychographic data, and a deep understanding of the relationship with key video game brands. W.Bradford leveraged social media, PR, and email marketing to enhance the video game platform’s adoption among users.
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The Results

Immediate Adoption

With over 4,000 users in the first two weeks alone, Dubbz has since become a roaring success. The visual identity, smart strategy, eye-catching creativity, and quippy ad copy provided by the W.Bradford team made all the difference. You can be part of the future of gaming at Looking for the perfect marketing launch partner for your video game brand?

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