Case Study

Introducing a Fine Jewelry Line to U.S. and International Audiences

W.Bradford’s luxury branding team launched a creative product campaign that increased online sales for a high-end jewelry company.
Marli New York

The Client

Marli New York

Marli New York designs high-end jewelry pieces for women who dare to be bold. Artisanal rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of 18 karat gold and responsibly-sourced diamonds pay homage to New York City and its energetic spirit. W.Bradford elevated the jewelry design company’s presence across marketing platforms with a creative luxury branding program. Daring yet strategic, the branding and marketing campaign drove strong online sales and social media growth for the company.
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study

The Task

Generate Excitement Around Its Signature Product Line

The jewelry brand sought a partner that could breathe new life into its signature collection, “Cleo by Marli,” to attract and engage new customers in the United States and abroad. Marli New York required smart and stylish product photography in a dynamic setting to give the brand an edgier look and feel.

W.Bradford’s luxury branding team planned and executed a successful photo and video shoot to capture content for Marli New York’s Fall product campaign. In addition to creating original content featuring the “Cleo by Marli” collection, W.Bradford launched a cross-platform luxury branding and marketing campaign to showcase the brand’s affinity for its home of New York City.

The Campaign

Welcoming a Season of Change

Editorial photos and videos of models wearing the luxury brand’s jewelry pieces introduced customers to new color combinations and styling recommendations. W.Bradford organized the shoot and selected a location featuring iconic New York skyscrapers to celebrate the city’s extraordinary personality.

After editing and formatting the creative, W.Bradford launched the product campaign across social media and email marketing channels. Titled “Welcome a Season of Change,” the campaign brought attention to the “Cleo by Marli” product line while asserting Marli New York as a quintessential New York City jewelry brand.
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study

The Results

A Brilliant Partnership

The product campaign broke several social media, email marketing, and ecommerce records for Marli New York. Social media audiences responded positively to campaign photos, videos, and copy. They engaged with posts at a much higher rate than the previous period, with product photos, styling, and color combination posts ranking as top favorites across platforms.

The email marketing campaign yielded higher open and click-through rates than previous campaigns. Emails drove hundreds of visitors to the brand’s homepage, Cleo by Marli product pages, and YouTube channel.

Together, these marketing channels brought thousands of quality visitors to A 16% increase in the ecommerce conversion rate via social media affirmed the luxury branding campaign’s success in generating sales and delivering a cohesive, multi-channel brand experience to U.S. and international audiences.

Noteworthy Stats


New Organic Instagram Followers


Instagram Impressions


Instagram Pos Saves


Increase in New Website Visitors via Social Media Campaign


Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate via Social Media Campaign


Increase in Online Sales via Social Media Campaign
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study
Marli Case Study

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