Case Study

Gracefulness Starts and Ends with Giving Back to your community.

Thanks to W.Bradford’s local ad campaign, organic content, and integrated marketing tactics, Northside Farmers Market is in a better financial position than ever.
Northside Farmers Market

The Client

Northside Farmers Market

Since 2002, Cincinnati’s Northside Farmers Market has been serving the local community, providing affordable, nutritious foods like produce, bread, pastries, jams, choice meats, soaps, spices, coffees, teas, and a delectable assortment of farm-fresh food.

As part of its commitment to giving back, W.Bradford provided heavily-discounted services to ensure the continuation and expansion of the market’s mission.
Northside Case Study
Northside Case Study

The Task

Engaging the Community

Northside Farmers Market welcomes over 20 farmers each week and is guided by a Northside Community Council and Northside Business Association –– sponsored board of directors. To achieve its aim of providing access to healthy, affordable foods in its urban community, the market needed a local ad campaign and marketing support to increase attendance and revenue.

The Tactics

Local Marketing and Advertising Efforts

W.Bradford supplied a variety of creative services –– social media, email, local advertising, signage, branded swag coordination, and more. Managing newspaper ads, radio spots, magazine placements, and the strategic display of promotional posters, the agency drastically increased brand visibility in the area.
Northside Case Study

The Results

Financial Stability and Mission Success

Thanks to W.Bradford’s advertising, organic content, and other integrated marketing tactics, Northside Farmers Market is in a better financial position than ever before. W.Bradford serves businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, so if you need help engaging your local market, we’re here to help.

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