Case Study

Establishing an LED Manufacturer's Leadership with Creative and Educational Content

A creative channel marketing program including video, social media and print items cemented Soraa’s leadership in the LED lighting industry.

The Client


Soraa pioneered the perfection of full-spectrum color rendering with LED light inspired by the company’s founder who won a Nobel Prize for Soraa’s core lighting science. No one can render color (and whites) more perfectly than Soraa, but the business has faced challenges conveying the technical and scientific factors that prove with these advantages. The brand sought an agency that could plan and execute a creative and educational channel marketing strategy to establish its leadership in the LED manufacturing industry.

W.Bradford launched an integrated marketing campaign to bring Soraa’s superior color to life beyond formulas and diagrams. The campaign incorporated web design, collateral, promotional items, influencer content, a social media campaign, and a video.
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study

Educational Print Collateral

Light adds a new dimension to colors as we know them. Lighting designers, specifiers and architects employ quality lighting across spaces, from restaurants to hotels, to bring out each color’s unique personality. As a result, paintings appear more vibrant, meals appear more appetizing and skin tones appear more healthy and natural.

Our team created a collateral system to highlight how Soraa’s superior technology renders rich color and perfect whites. The pages illustrate shades of white rarely seen under artificial light until Soraa’s technology emerged—and how behaviors, emotions, well-being, and human interactions depend on seeing colors as they are meant to be seen.

Landing Page Copywriting & Design

As part of the channel marketing strategy, the campaign’s goal was to educate lighting designers, interior designers, architects, specifiers, and engineers about Soraa’s leadership in helping develop TM-30—a far more accurate color measurement system than the previous and more well-known version, CRI (Color Rendering Index).

Housed on the campaign landing page were photometric color charts and technical information for lighting professionals, along with the other educational assets that brought the campaign to life.

Video Production

How do you bring complex, technical data to life in a way that a broader audience can easily grasp and apply? We answered this challenge with the industry’s first energetic, cleverly scripted video about TM-30, where Soraa’s target audiences would be able to see how all of the 99 colors in the color metrics system exist in everyday life. With thousands of views, the video proved effective through an appeal to the five human senses, whether evoking a rush through soaring aerial ocean footage or reminding the viewer of how delicious a glass of red wine can be.

Interactive Sales Collateral

Since the Soraa ‘Color & White’ channel marketing campaign primarily relied upon digital content and online engagement, W.Bradford also sought to make Soraa’s advanced lighting technology methodology tangible—and fun. With a custom deck of playing cards showcasing colorful imagery found in daily life, each card is uniquely designed to match a color within the TM-30 color system and create yet another opportunity to connect the methodology to everyday life. Our favorite part? The two joker cards feature the company’s Nobel Prize-winning founder, Shuji Nakamura, as well as the legendary lighting pioneer, Thomas Edison.
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study

Influencer Content Development

While Soraa’s lighting technology speaks for itself both to the naked eye and to savvy lighting professionals, W.Bradford sought to infuse broader credibility to the brand’s larger audience through internationally revered color experts. Among those engaged were color expert Leatrice Eiseman known for selecting Pantone Color of the Year, and master printmaker James Tan who provides consulting services for a number of printing companies and represents leading imaging equipment brands such as Eizo, Canon, Wacom, X-rite, and Ilford.

Color Expert Social Takeover

As mentioned, we partnered with Leatrice Eiseman, internationally revered color consultant, author, and executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute, to launch a social media campaign highlighting her and Soraa’s mutual appreciation of perceived and technical manifestations of color in daily life.

We developed and launched a five-day Instagram campaign featuring quotes from our feature interview with Eiseman, along with photography provided by Eiseman herself to illustrate her dearest memories related to color.

Social Campaign: Exploring TM-30 Color Rendering Methodology

Following Eiseman’s campaign, W.Bradford took the conversation about color further during a month-long social campaign guiding followers along a colorful path of education about TM-30. Our channel marketing team matched interesting, story-driven imagery with colors in the color system, allowing followers to not only understand TM-30 better—but to ponder familiar places and objects through a colorful new lens.

Technology & Product Education, In Living Color

As a result of the Soraa ‘Color & White’ campaign, we increased brand awareness and education among color aficionados and LED lighting industry professionals. The channel marketing strategy also expanded Soraa’s audience to discover the Soraa brand for the first time, and to understand the company’s key differentiators that anchor Soraa’s leading position in the industry.
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study
Soraa Case Study

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