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Stop Soldier Suicide: Advancing Life-Saving Stories

Following a year of steady donations and consistent engagement, the team at Stop Soldier Suicide decided that they wanted to accomplish more. Their mission couldn’t wait and their audience needed support, so they decided to push even further for the sake of every veteran and active service member. To spread their message, they required a partner as passionate, invigorated, and bold as them—so they called upon W.Bradford to execute their vision.

The Client

Stop Soldier Suicide

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for post-9/11 veterans, accounting for 22.3% of all deaths. Those numbers are simply unacceptable to Stop Soldier Suicide and W.Bradford.

For veterans and service members to seek support, they must be aware of every resource at their disposal. W.Bradford sought to create captivating content that both captured the attention of those in need and reached those who had the means to donate. The work necessitated an intense balance of sensitivity and passion, resonating with audiences from all walks of life.
Stop Soldier Suicide Animated Social

The Task

Spreading Awareness of SSS and Its Mission

After conducting thorough research regarding the target audiences and the ultimate mission of the project, W.Bradford determined the best method for spreading awareness was to lean into passion from the Stop Soldier Suicide team. It is a veteran-founded and veteran-led nonprofit organization that understands the stresses and hardships of military service, so W.Bradford invited their insights for content creation.

By highlighting the organization’s passion, the team could more accurately and effectively provide an authentic voice to members of the military community. That dependable and honest approach would avoid any misunderstandings of the target audience and their experiences.

It is a delicate line to walk, spreading awareness about a sensitive issue while respecting the nuances of each individualized experience of the audience. The content needed to be perfect.

The Deliverables

W.Bradford Solutions Meet the frontlines

W.Bradford executed several strategic deliverables to position Stop Soldier Suicide as the perfect resource for any member of the military community to utilize, free of judgement and full of understanding. Each deliverable tackled a specific problem that Stop Soldier Suicide wanted to address in its digital presence.
Stop Soldier Suicide Landing Page
Stop Soldier Suicide Banner
Stop Soldier Suicide Photo Shoot

Social Media Campaign

W.Bradford created a metrics-driven social media strategy calendar with researched content buckets that explored vital aspects of Stop Soldier Suicide and its business. That strategy was based on social listening tactics where W.Bradford team members engaged with both donors to Stop Soldier Suicide and target audience members. Through this method, W.Bradford heard firsthand from those who value Stop Soldier Suicide and their mission. The team then executed the strategized content, crafting dozens of insightful, unique, and powerful social media posts that reached thousands of users.

Photo & Video

W.Bradford ideated on video content and scripts while providing on-site shoot directions for 15 videos and countless photos that highlighted the personal connection between Stop Soldier Suicide’s mission and its employees. Our team captured the authenticity that started this nonprofit with the people who ensure its mission is never ignored.

Long Form Linkedin Content

W.Bradford drafted professional, insightful long-form content designed specifically for LinkedIn audiences to introduce the Stop Soldier Suicide team and increase visibility on an underutilized platform. With many large companies sponsoring Stop Soldier Suicide, it was vital to increase their exposure to more potential donors to fund their services. Allowing those potential donors to see the real passion of Stop Soldier Suicide team members invited higher levels of trust and engagement with the brand.

Campaign Landing Page

To pull together all of the campaign’s resources, W.Bradford constructed a unifying campaign landing page. This landing page operated as the ultimate call-to-action for all social media posts, so its design and message needed to be cohesive with the entire campaign and insightful enough to stand on its own. The landing page perfectly captured the importance of the campaign while tastefully requesting donations from users.

Homepage Redesign

Finally, W.Bradford infused that same passion from the campaign into Stop Soldier Suicide’s website home page. Now, the website appears more welcoming for members of the military community who are taking the brave first steps in their journey.
Stop Soldier Suicide Photo Shoot
Stop Soldier Suicide Photo Shoot

The Results

Stop Soldier Suicide has the Tools

Now, the Stop Soldier Suicide team is equipped with industry-relevant content to bring in more organic traffic to their mission, so they can focus on providing the top-tier care they specialize in. W.Bradford supplied the support Stop Soldier Suicide needed to spread their message and save lives, while also taking the time to shine a light on the hard-working employees who make their mission possible. In the end, W.Bradford helped Stop Soldier Suicide refresh their identity, and save more lives—every day.
Stop Soldier Suicide Phone Mockups
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Stop Soldier Suicide Story

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