September 20, 2023

On My Desk - Rachel Larkin

How would you describe your desk? Is it cluttered, busy, or distressing? Is it covered with old papers and objects? If so, you are like most people! Traditionally, desks have been used as storage lockers. Offices were once filled with desks stacked high with endless papers that served to distract people more than anything else. W.Bradford works remotely, meaning we create our own workspaces. Over the past couple of years, our creative director, Rachel Larkin, has perfected hers! It is not cluttered — just the opposite! By filling her desk with intentional tools, Rachel has turned it into a space of zen and focus, facilitating her genius work each day! By creating this sanctuary, she affords herself a place where her best ideas come naturally.

Rachel’s Writing Tools: Adding Focus to Expression

Rachel starts the remote workday with a reflection in her Five Minute Journal! In the exercise, she writes 3 reasons for gratitude, 3 ways to make the day great, and 1 personal affirmation. Grounding herself this way prepares her to execute tasks during the day but cherish them too! “I've noticed a huge difference in my day when I take a few minutes to write”, Rachel says. The journaling practice helped her stay centered during the most isolating moments of the pandemic!

Throughout the day, Rachel turns to her leather-bound journal. The physical journal lets her record moments of inspiration as they arise. Because illustration and images make up large components of Rachel’s ideas, having a physical journal helps her record and refine her thoughts! She keeps it on her desk at all times so that she never misses the chance to write down a new idea!

The tools we use to draw and write set the limits of our work. That is why Rachel uses her Soho House pen, a magic wand that gives form to her visions with ink. The pen adds a certain formality to Rachel’s work, giving focus to essential elements of a brand’s creative design. Just like her journals, the pen helps Rachel organize and formalize the insightful ideas that give rise to W.Bradford’s most successful deliverables.

Desktop Accessories for an Elevated Mindset

While Rachel’s journals enable her to approach the day and distill her thoughts, a series of wearables helps her employ the mindset she needs! First, Rachel’s custom reading glasses allow her to consume a large amount of information without compromising on comfort or style! She remains perfectly at peace while she reads creative briefs, research, or other key information.

Additionally, Rachel’s Apple Airpods deliver audio quality that keeps her connected with the team and clients. Working remotely, W.Bradford relies heavily on video conferencing. Rachel’s Airpods help her stay connected as though she was speaking to someone across a table. The quality relationships she builds with coworkers make collaboration a simple and joyful experience.

Finally, the Jenny Bird hoops add a personally-significant touch to complete Rachel’s workday attire. With a punch of personality, these hoops indicate the high-energy, passionate nature of her work! In concert with her reading glasses and Airpods, the hoops complete a set of accessories that sees Rachel’s mindset elevated every time she sits down at her desk.

Crystals: A Touch of Intuition

Intuition is a key aspect of creativity. Rachel’s vast experience informs her decisions, and she can access the value of that experience by using intuition. It tells her whether the vibe of her work matches what is needed. Spending time to reflect using her crystals from The House of Intuition, Rachel is able to center herself in a feeling of calmness that allows her work to flow freely. Unlike a cluttered desktop, this one encourages Rachel’s brilliant thinking. By intentionally selecting desk ornaments like these crystals, you can begin to build a desk like Rachel’s too!