September 20, 2023

Swag 101: Employee and Customer Gifting for the Holidays

Merriam-Webster defines “swag” as stylish confidence. “Swag” can be used as a noun or verb and is still very much a part of popular culture. This old term, however, has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, it also stands for Stuff We All Get (SWAG)—this stuff can be oh-so cool and stylish, but transformational for customer and employee relationship development. 

Boost Relationships—Swiftly, Swagly

Did you know that 83% of customers who receive a promotional item are more likely to do business with the brand? In fact, they hold onto the items for more than a year. Imagine the brand recognition that “buys,” long term. What’s more, 39% of consumers believe direct incentives, such as money, discounts, or free swag can significantly increase the chances of referring a business. As for employees, 59% who get company SWAG have a more favorable workplace impression. Can you say employee loyalty? 

Nuts and Bolts

So what makes up SWAG? It can be gift cards, premium mugs and apparel, food, toys, office items, customized hats, or expanded swag bags with luxury items for events—all branded. For employees, consider branding items with employee names on the box, top, or bag. How about branded Ember coffee mugs, virtual happy hour kits, desk organizers or water bottles? Picture frames for their desks? The options are endless. Of course, it’s key to ensure the items are useful or fun and high-quality, so they don’t end up in the wastebasket and cheapen your brand.

The W.Bradford Difference

Consider this: what makes customer gifting so effective is how W.Bradford curates it for clients.

“We do SWAG differently. We make SWAG kits measurable as a tactile, tangible touchpoint for both employees and customers,” said Will Sears, President and CEO of W.Bradford, an award-winning advertising, marketing, and public relations agency in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For instance, W.Bradford included a quiz in a SWAG kit with the opportunity to win $150. An entire measurable email marketing campaign drove engagement with the items (and the brand!). As a result, these promotional items helped provide key data about customers and potential customers as well as boost branding.

Make Swag A Cool Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

More and more, businesses are including SWAG in their promotional activities. Customers and employees appreciate them, and that translates to brand recognition and loyalty. To learn more about W.Bradford’s SWAG capabilities, contact us for a free consultation.