September 20, 2023

Define Yourself through a Bold and Cohesive Brand Identity

Establishing a solid and cohesive brand identity is central to illuminating a business in any industry. Without assets that draw consumers directly to your ethos, your brand is likely to underperform and be perceived as unrecognizable when pitted against some of the best.

It’s important to develop an unmistakable and distinguished image that follows across all channels in order to stimulate growth within your target demographic. Here are a few ways strong branding and a refined visual identity could increase visibility and profitability for your business.


A brand with consistent and solid imaging increases profits by 33%. When you form a true and recognizable brand identity around your business, you accelerate the consumer’s ability to connect with you, your intent, and the services you provide. 

According to Brandgility, it takes the average consumer around 5-7 experiences with your brand for it to stick, meaning that a striking visual identity could make or break how your business is viewed in the marketplace and beyond. Consumers are often looking for these four factors when considering a purchase: consistency, quality, experience, and cost. 

Don’t be the outlier. Find a way to connect all the dots between yourself and your target audience. 


Evolution is ingrained in the culture of brand ownership. Maintaining a stagnant and dated brand identity while your competitors are embracing the future will do nothing but reduce consumer interest and push you further from relevancy. An awareness of design and consumer trends as well as an understanding of the role technology and media play in maintaining a solid image can only elevate your approach. 

Though it’s important to set yourself apart from your competitors, you should do so in a way that doesn’t compromise your brand’s relatability. Experimenting with graphics, typefaces, and color schemes is vital to setting your brand up for success, but it has to be done sparingly—too much abstraction and you risk losing the attention and reliance of your consumer. 

Prove to your audience that you have an active interest in bettering your brand’s purpose. Falling into a place of docility and boredom with your brand will only reflect poorly in their eyes. Show them that you’re listening and are devoted to your brand’s growth.


There’s a reason why so few brands in the industry are able to stick to the same image over time. Reaching a status of timelessness with iconic branding is an endeavor that requires time, attention, and diligence, but it isn’t impossible—even for the smallest brands. If you can connect to your consumer and forge a lasting relationship with them, success will follow suit. It is ultimately them, along with trends in the market, that decide whether or not your brand identity has the staying power to reach peak recognition. 

We attach ourselves to our personalities and identities as a way to connect with others, so why not do the same between your business, its branding, and consumers?