September 20, 2023

Why You Should Seek Out SEO Agency Efforts in the New Year

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that aids in securing your website a top ranking in leading search engines like Google. While you may have a stunning web presence that features elaborately constructed content and bold graphics, your prospective audience may miss out on these efforts if you fail to adopt sufficient SEO processing.

Maintaining a coherent and strategized digital presence is vital to growing your customer base and increasing revenue for your business. Consumers aren’t going to labor through pages of search results to find your services. Appearing within the first five listings of a search is essential to capturing the attention of engine users and capitalizing on their interests. Google needs to trust your website and its relevance in order to boost you higher and improve your rank in organic search results. Having an organized website with clear levels of content and services will make it more accessible to Google, thus increasing your web traffic and visibility. By partnering with an agency strong in SEO, you increase the likelihood of your business being seen within an often oversaturated market. 

Here are some other surefire ways to grow your digital presence: 

  • Include an SSL certificate

  • Use backlinks from other websites

  • Consistently update your website with valuable content


Search engines are some of the most valuable tools we have at our disposal. With 93% of online experiences beginning with them, these platforms provide prime real estate for highlighting your business against top industry competitors. By outsourcing SEO to an agency experienced in organic search, your web traffic has the potential to multiply rapidly. Around 90% of people avoid going beyond the first page of search results on Google; don’t allow your business to go unseen. The higher you appear on the results page, the more likely consumers are to click on your web handle. 50-60% of people click on the first three results and, by the end of the page, the clicking percentage drops to around 2.4%. On any given day, 59% of internet users are utilizing search engines, so it’s essential to key in on this demographic in order to bolster consumer attention and retention. 

SEO additionally enhances the trustworthiness of your brand. With 28% of people feeling untrusting towards, and questioning the accuracy of, paid content, it’s important to consistently update your online presence with relevant and current collateral. Adopting the strategy of an agency proficient in SEO can aid in building a more reliable reputation for your business. 


Click through rate is a key metric for your website. On average, the highest ranking results in a search will yield 27.6% of traffic, while also being 10 times more likely to be clicked. There’s no question surrounding the importance of refining your business’s digital footprint: the more accessible your content, the higher your yield of traffic. Enacting a sufficient understanding and process of SEO enables your business the staying power of other top brands in your industry. The further you rise to the top in a ranking, the more recognizable your business and its services will become. With only 10% of people clicking onto the second page of a Google search, only around .63% of them will actually navigate into any of the results. Consequently, if you’re not setting yourself up to be first, you’re allowing yourself to be last—seek out the strategies of a trusted agency that specializes in SEO today to rocket your business’ online presence to the top.