September 20, 2023

Three Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

When an economic downturn hits, it’s easy to wonder how you might recession-proof your business. Many decision-makers are tempted to trim marketing budgets, but this simple cost-cutting rarely achieves the desired results. A precise approach to marketing strategy and tactics will increase ROI for your business despite the difficulties that recessions bring. Try these three simple tips to start upgrading your marketing efforts in advance.

Build a distinctive brand

Recession-proofing your business starts with building a strong brand. First, re-evaluate your brand positioning to evaluate your current strategy. Invest in market research and ask your consumers what really sets you apart from the competition. Remember that loyal customers are the most important source of cash flow and organic growth for your brand. During a recession, it is essential to make every marketing dollar count.

Once positioning is determined, you must produce distinct creative assets that make an impression in the market. Your logo, color palette, typography, and brand voice are essential for cutting through the clutter of the digital marketing landscape and establishing your business in its strongest position.

Leverage evergreen content

After revisiting the basics of your brand, clarify your marketing messaging and ensure complete alignment with your strategy. Evergreen content yields a high ROI because of its constant utility for your target personas. Use items like how-to guides, tips and tricks, checklists, templates, and other resources to keep delivering free value through evergreen content.

Make sure you’re attracting your ideal clients and investing in client relationships. Build up your email list and improve email marketing to remain in contact and maintain personal connections with your customers. Finally, remain flexible and willing to adjust strategies and tactics so that when an economic upturn occurs, you can respond quickly.

Upgrade your website & SEO

Your site shares your brand’s story, creates key consumer touchpoints, and fosters the buying process. It serves as a permanent asset that drives your sales. Upgrading your website doesn’t have to cost you anything. Improving your website’s SEO, for example, requires nothing more than your time and expertise. SEO offers quantifiable results like changes in rankings, conversions, and website traffic, helping you key in on your consumers’ behavior at each stage of the buying journey.

Many of these tips to help recession-proof your business have come from thought leaders at top-ranked marketing institutions. Credits go to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Markletic.