September 20, 2023

Five Ways Custom Illustration Will Benefit Your Brand

Many businesses struggle to identify—and maintain—brand personality. An easy way to add another layer of personality to your brand is by using custom illustrations within your marketing strategy. Many illustration marketing services are cookie-cutter and have the same "Corporate-Memphis-Style.” Recognize the need for your brand to stand out in bold ways. In today’s visually stimulated world, custom illustrations are practically a no-brainer and here’s why.

#1. Illustration is the fingerprint of a brand.

Illustrations distill emotions, content, and language of a brand through mark making. Because illustrations are completely custom, no other business will be able to communicate in the exact same way. Additionally, the uniqueness of illustration makes visuals distinct and recognizable to the target audience.

#2. Custom illustrations build authentic connection and increase engagement.

Illustrations have the special ability to communicate an element of humanness not easily felt by other marketing tactics. Not only do custom illustrations quickly attract human attention, but they also simplify messaging and help the audience feel a specific way. By using strategic colors, facial expressions, and other design elements, illustrations can strengthen your brand's connectivity with the target audience.

#3. Your brand can say goodbye to stock images by substituting custom illustrations.

Stock images are overused and usually easy to spot. By substituting custom illustrations in marketing, your brand will gain variety and attract additional attention. Any business that booms utilizes a plethora of well-polished marketing pieces to convey its messaging and ultimately turn a profit.

#4. Illustrations allow for strengthened brand identity with simple ideas communicated.

Humans today have smaller attention spans than goldfish. This means ideas need to be concise and easily communicated in all marketing, or potential customers will be lost. Illustrations have the distinctive capability of taking complex ideas and making them concise and clear for the target audience to easily understand.

#5. Custom illustrations can be used in a variety of ways.

Illustration in marketing can run the gambit from business cards to large scale print banners. Not only can they be used in a multitude of ways, but they are easier to scale up and down compared photography and other marketing assets.