September 20, 2023

Transforming B2B Marketing | Will Sears, Founder & CEO

Business to business marketing is often done wrong. Strategy lacks intentionality, campaigns are chaos, or businesses don’t take advantage of the ideas and trends right in front of them. Check out our top five tips for B2B marketing excellence and try them out with your brand.

Tip #1. Place the product or service in its end-user environment.

It’s hard to understand the benefits of a product or service with basic images against a plain wall. Consider bolder imagery and visuals in the product or service’s end-user environment to provide clarity in your B2B marketing. By doing so, you automatically appeal to your target audience by making their job easier and breaking down information in a way that makes sense to them.

Tip #2. Don't doubt the power of social to drive leads and loyalty.

With e-commerce taking the reins in nearly every industry, social media is a tool that can change the trajectory of your B2B marketing. With over 4 billion social users worldwide, your business needs to have a strategic social media strategy. Often brands lack any true strategy and create content just for the sake of being active online. By planning intentional content in advance and including strong calls to action, social media can create a funnel that allows for consistent engagement with your target audience.

Tip #3. Leverage the power of marketing automation to maximize content ROI.

Stop wasting your time and energy on simple B2B marketing tasks when there are tools to take care of them for you. Today’s technologies allow you to increase productivity, nurture leads, and take necessary deep dives into your business’ top priorities. Tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Salesforce all feature marketing automation software that will maximize content ROI.

Tip #4. Identify all the people you need to enable—then, enable them.

Your team is your strongest weapon in the world of B2B marketing. Sales, service, and marketing all need to work in tandem to tackle your business’ top priorities. This means enabling each person and team with a solid foundation and toolkit to keep everyone focused and on the same page. HubSpot offers a number of Inbound Methodology training to get your team started.

Tip #5. Create hybrid lead generation strategies that bridge in-person sales experiences and online content experiences.

Consumers never buy after their first interaction with a product or service. Nurturing leads all the way through the buyer’s journey requires both in-person and online tactics. Move your customer to the point of purchasing with in-person events like tradeshows, classes, or networking events while simultaneously moving the needle with online strategies like email, social media, and ads.